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“It was a pleasure to provide Evelina with a few easy to complete questionnaires and have a couple of interesting one-on-one sessions with her to discuss general information on my lifestyle, medications, and medical history.
Evelina thoroughly researched all of the information and provided me with a document containing concise, clear, easy to follow and logical recommendations that could be easily integrated into my day-to-day activities. The result has been positive for me. I have adopted several of the suggestions Evelina put forward, and the results have been more energy and a better state of health in general.
For a well-rounded and full assessment of one’s wellness and down to earth suggestions on ways to improve one’s health, I recommend having a chat with Evelina to get the process started!

Scott Moger

"Thank you so much for the beautiful session!

I just wanted to write to say that I have felt happier and lighter since. My spiritual side says that I had that session exactly at that time and explored those bits b/c it was perfect for my healing at that point. :) It is so easy to doubt ourselves... I have such faith in the work you are doing though, Evelina. 
Even when you just barely started the session I could feel the energy so strongly.  It really was a fabulous experience for me! :)"


"Evelina, a holistic care provider, has wonderful healing hands. No matter which of the alternative therapies she practices, her gentle and relaxed presence helps you let go and embark the journey that she guides you through.  I have had her to my home for mini-reflexology treatments to friends and family, and we all witnessed the immediate gratification.  Evelina has a genuine interest in getting to the source of the pain, be it emotional or physical..."


"I met with Evelina to have a shamanic healing session.... She was filled with immense light and compassion for my situation. She has a beautiful energy that emanates from her soul. It is such a gentle, healing energy, which, to me, is truly representative of what the divine is really about. When she conducted sessions with me, my entire being was filled with light. I would strongly recommend her for her work. While I have not yet experienced any of her other healing modalities, I would be especially excited to, given her healing and loving light touch.
She is truly gifted!
Thank you! A"


"I am like a new person after the session! It was dramatic Evelina, I have found myself again. I am more at peace and I can even concentrate! I am grateful and I will call you again for sure....:)
Thanks, L"


"Evelina - I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the reflexology experience I had with you... and I write 'experience' due to the total relaxation I felt during and after. I would definitely recommend your healing art to help anyone who wants to release tension from the outside in."  Louise Beckinsale
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