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Crystal Healing

Crystals are our oldest allies on Mother Earth. They possess unique physical properties that allow them to channel, amplify, store, and broadcast energy. Their internal molecular lattices repeat in perfect geometric code.

Trauma, emotional stress, planetary energies and even something as simple as poor diet can create imbalance or congestion in our energetic field, which interferes with our health, relationships, work, etc. The cells in our bodies no longer vibrate in harmony. Working with the correct Crystal can help heal and restore balance. They can help balance issues are physical, mental, emotional, or Spiritual in nature.

During a Crystal Healing session, different Crystals, specially chosen for the client, are laid out over and around the person's body is specific patterns and left there for a period of time.

Crystal Directory 

All information provided in the Crystal Directory is courtesy to Karen Osborne and has been copied with her permission.
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